CityGov Theme

Miscellaneous • Niche • Nonprofit

CityGov is a beautiful and super clean municipality theme developed with easy-to-use approach for any small town websites. CityGov - a city government theme comes with fully responsive design solid, native layouts and is suited for all for a municipalities websites, government departments or agencies and town / city portals. The theme has lots of customizable features and functions for showcasing all the basic needs of a modern municipality (city, town or a small village).

Visuality Theme

Miscellaneous • Niche • Nonprofit

Visuality is a vivid, beautiful, and carefully designed WordPress theme developed with an easy-to-use approach for any personal websites of all mentors, coaches, trainers, motivators, or speakers.

CulturePress Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

CulturePress is a beautiful and carefully designed <strong>culture theme</strong> developed with an easy-to-use approach for any art-oriented niche website. CulturePress - culture & entertainment theme comes with a fully responsive design, solid, native layouts. It is suited for all for theater, exhibition, event, performing arts, or creative magazine websites.

Enginery Theme

Business • Niche

Enginery is a beautiful and carefully designed industrial theme developed with an easy-to-use approach for any factory niche website.

Newsource Theme

Blogging • Magazine • Niche

Newsource is a modular and flexible magazine and blog theme with a responsive layout, elegant styling, and dark mode switcher. You have complete & unlimited control over the homepage. The theme includes lots of features. All functions and are based on a solid back-end framework.

NaturePress Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

NaturePress - A beautiful, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use WordPress theme with a modern, fresh, and functional design. NaturePress is an ideal choice for any environmental or ecology organization. After doing extensive research on multiple nature, NGO, foundation and nonprofit websites, we have developed this theme which comes with a native layout and includes support for an exclusive donation and fundraising plugin - Give.