Gratia Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

Whether you're looking to build a new website from scratch or update an existing one, Gratia is the perfect choice for any religious organization. With its attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Gratia is the perfect choice for churches or religious congregations looking to create a powerful online presence.

Napar Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

Napar is a stunning WordPress theme designed specifically for nature parks and visitors information centers. With its clean and elegant design, Napar provides the perfect platform to showcase your park or center's attractions, activities, and events.

Litl’ Pal

Niche • Nonprofit

An animal shelter, sanctuary, and charity WordPress theme with a very clean, elegant, and functional design. Litl' Pal supports the Elementor plugin and it is an ideal choice for all non-profit, volunteer animal rescue shelters dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of abused.

Townly Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

A modern WordPress theme with a very clean, elegant, and functional design and support for Elementor page builder. Townly is an ideal choice for any small town or village website or accessible local government website. After research, we have developed this theme which comes with a native layout and includes all necessary design elements typical for this branch.

Wellcenter Theme

Niche • Nonprofit

Wellcenter is a cheerful yet elegant, and carefully designed WordPress theme developed with an easy-to-use approach for any Senior Care, Elderly Support, Nursing Home, or Donations website.

CityGov Theme

Miscellaneous • Niche • Nonprofit

CityGov is a beautiful and super clean municipality theme developed with easy-to-use approach for any small town websites. CityGov - a city government theme comes with fully responsive design solid, native layouts and is suited for all for a municipalities websites, government departments or agencies and town / city portals. The theme has lots of customizable features and functions for showcasing all the basic needs of a modern municipality (city, town or a small village).